Website/& Social media

Recently, Ankersmid has started a new site structure and we are also active in various social media such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn & YouTube 

Rental Analysers

Since last year, we have expanded our rental range enormously. 

Sick & Service to Sick

Our delivery package has been extended with Sick analysts to meet those customers who want these analysts in a total package. 

CRDS (Tiger Optics)

Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy gas analyser. 

OMA InGaAs Version released!

The new InGaAs version of the highly successful OMA analyzer  

Botlek study group

Within the Botlek Study Group, Richard Holtkamp of Ankersmid Process BV, as of January 1, 2017, took over as a coordinator for the branch instrumentation. Bram Luiten from Multi Instruments has reached retirement age 


News archive from 2016 

In-situ Ammonia measurement in DeNOx

With the latest Neo laser, you can measure directly in the NH3 process. With fast response time / high reliability, this is an ideal solution for NH3 dosing. 

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