Azbil Gas Chromatograaf (GC)

We have the representation of Azbil formerly known under the name Yamatake, which has undergone a name change. 

Rental Analysers

Since last year, we have expanded our rental range enormously. 

CRDS (Tiger Optics)

Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy gas analyser. 

OMA InGaAs Version released!

The new InGaAs version of the highly successful OMA analyzer  

Sick & Service to Sick

Our delivery package has been extended with Sick analysts to meet those customers who want these analysts in a total package. 

Botlek study group

Within the Botlek Study Group, Richard Holtkamp of Ankersmid Process BV, as of January 1, 2017, took over as a coordinator for the branch instrumentation. Bram Luiten from Multi Instruments has reached retirement age 

Website/& Social media

Recently, Ankersmid has started a new site structure and we are also active in various social media such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn & YouTube 


News archive from 2016 

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