Dr. Födisch

Founded in June 1991 as a small company mainly concentrating on research and development of environmental measuring devices the Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG has now gained a leading position for continuous emission measuring technology. For more than 20 years the continuous tribo-electric dust measuring technology is one part of own developments. The scope of devices ranges from simple but very effective filter controllers to sophisticated dust concentration measuring devices e.g. for the application in wet gases. In the field analytical engineering we develop and manufacture diverse gas analysers for the measurement of CO, NO, SO2 , O2 as well as HCl, NH3 , N2 O, H2O. The portfolio of construction is completed by measuring devices for special applications (e.g. acid dew point measurement, biogas monitor).

As highly specialised service company we offer complete solutions for industry. Our engineers provide consulting, planning, installation as well as maintenance services for continuous emission monitoring systems in all industries. We offer reliably working systems with low demand for maintenance and excellent price-performance ratio. All relevant system components are suitability tested according to German regulations. 

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